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Giorgio Meriano  shoe workshop deals with the design and manufacture of handmade bespoke footwear developing collections of male, female and children footwear.

Love and passion has led us to establish this innovative, handmade shoe center able to cope with nowadays on demand needs.  Giorgio Meriano !  A ‘cobbler’s workshop’ that combines aesthetics and perfect design of a top quality  pair of shoes  being supported by  the latest footwear technological advances.

Giorgio Meriano  is the only handmade bespoke shoe manufacturing unit in Greece certified from the Hellenic National Organization for Medicines with Certification Number EP 817 082017. It is also fully harmonized with EU Directive 93/42/14-06-1993 of the European Union Council regarding the proper construction and design of bespoke footwear.

Although we live in an era of industrialization we remain faithful to tradition and values, offering our knowledge and experience in producing handmade footwear, affordable to  everyone.

Our mission is to fulfill customers’ true desires and needs. Emphasis is given on quality at all stages of production, from shoe design, leather cutting, stitching, making, finishing and final delivery of a handmade pair of shoes. This is Giorgio Meriano’s main priority.  

A three-generation tradition and a 90-year cobbler’s experience in making high quality handmade shoes is combined with today’s state of the art technology. The perfect fit of our handmade footwear has irreplaceable position in this route, fulfilling our goals in comfort and elegance which has to accompany a high quality shoe.

The company is divided into two parts of bespoke handmade footwear manufacturing. The first section deals with the design and manufacture of made to order handmade shoes ¨ luxurious collection ".  Fashionable shoe design based on aesthetics and elegance, as well as excellent construction techniques are combined with top quality leathers, from the best  Italian tanneries, handmade leather soles, high-standard heels, leading to  a unique handmade footwear.

The second section deals with the study of designing and manufacturing made to order orthopedic shoes. Specific processed leathers, soles of exceptional standards, specialized anatomical materials which are used only by certified European orthopedic footwear manufacturing workshops and specialized construction techniques are combined to produce a unique and perfect fit orthopedic footwear.

Giorgio  Meriano has gone a step forward, It has been concentrated in the study of the  foot plantar pressure and tread anatomy. The company has acquired a latest technology foot pressure analysis device.  Foot pressure analysis  is an accurate record of the force-point-pressure of  the customers soles. For foot pressure analysis a key tool is the foot pressure platform, which is connected to a PC where the customer is asked to stand (static foot pressure analysis) or walk(dynamic foot pressure analysis) onto the platform.. 

So we can analyze personal information  in order to construct a tailored made, perfect fit pair of shoes.

Thanks to you and your support as well as your criticism and comments over the years, we have been able to develop this high standard footwear workshop able to satisfy the most demanding requirements

Our promise is to continuously offer better service always being concentrated on high quality products.

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